Meetings and Events



5:45 to 6:30 pm



11:15 to 12:00 noon


COST:  No charge for ACAC members.  CFS and FM Association members who do not have an ACAC membership pay by the month:  $30 for one class or $45 for both.  If you are not an ACAC member, call or email to get added to the class list.

Charlotte:  434.973.8776 (  

















Scheduled Meetings and Events

Water Exercise Classes

ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center

500 Albemarle Square, Charlottesville


We're pleased to partner with ACAC to provide fitness classes  specifically for persons with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Classes are held in the warm water therapy poolBoth a morning and evening class are offered. 


Meetings are held occasionally in the greater Charlottesville area, and may feature a guest speaker, discussion of a topic, or a social gathering.  Special events may include seminars, Awareness Day activities, and fundraisers. 

Call the information line at (434) 984-3419 for the most up-to-date information on any scheduled meetings or events.   

Attendees are asked to refrain from wearing scented products in consideration of those who are chemically sensitive. 

Meetings and Events

Water Exercise Helps Relieve Symptoms of CFS and FM


Exercise is often prescribed for the vicious cycle of pain, fatigue, decreased motivation and inactivity that leads to deconditioning and more symptoms in those with FM. 


Aquatic exercise can help break this pattern of inactivity because the  buoyancy of water helps you move and do exercises that would otherwise be painful.  Moving in water takes less effort, won't jar joints and muscles, helps build strength, and improves balance.

It's important to exercise in warm water (about 90 degrees F) since cold water can make muscles tense.


Clinical studies confirm warm water exercise reduces pain and improves cognitive function in FM patients.  It also reduces anxiety and depression.


In short, those with FM (or CFS) will have fewer symptoms and feel better if they regularly exercise in warm water.














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